Environmental water quality monitoring

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The Aquabot water quality monitoring platform uses digital sensor technology with an IoT based approach. The end user will be able to acquire real time data from bodies of fresh or marine waters that are largely inaccessible to current systems due to either/or financial, practical accessibility and/or technical barriers. Our approach involves smart sensors on a radio-controlled or autonomous field-portable platform that is sufficiently agile to be deployed rapidly to address an immediate requirement, as well as be useful in day-to-day field surveys.

Aquabot extends the physical reach of current water-side sensing equipment and submerged point-sensors, enabling the collection of data about water quality across the surface of an entire body of water wherever desired. Using the sensor platform will significantly reduce the costs of traditional methods to collect environmental data. Overall, Altitude Thinking offer real time data and representative data in a cost-effective way.

We are updating our PoC Aquabot in conjuction with CENSIS and City of Glasgow College with the IoT capabilities mentioned above.

The Aquabot is a remote-control boat with autonomous capabilities and has a run time of approx. 6 hours. A route can be created for the boat to follow, stop at up to 50-way points and will return to the starting point once it has completed its route. The sensor that is installed on the boat is the Manta +35A.

The manta is a multiparameter sonde and it comes with 5 standard sensors : temperature, conductivi-ty, turbidity, ph/ORP and dissolved oxygen. Additionally, there is a central wiper to clean the sensors from any fouling or aeriation. The sensor has an additional 4 ports (2 small & 2 medium) for customisa-tion. Therefore, there is flexibility to accommodate any requests. The fastest rate at which data can be collected is every minute but again this can be customized for the end users’ needs.

The data is relayed back to the operator in real time and displayed via an app that was developed. This is a great way to follow what is happening out in the water and gives a lot of advantages, from quick decision making, to indicating a point source and mapping out how that pollution flows in the water. The data can be exported in a CVS format from an internal SD card, this raw data can be uploaded to a cloud platform or used in another application.

The additional sensors that can be added are as followed :
Small : Nitrate, Ammonium, Chloride, Sodium TDG, Calcium, Bromide
Medium : Chlorophyll A, Blue Green Algae (Fresh & Marine Water), Rhodamine, Crude Oil, Refined Oil, CDOM/FDOM, Fluorescein, Optical Brighteners, Tryptophan.

The Manta can do multi-depth readings. All the standard/medium sensors can take readings at depths up to 200m. The small sensors have a maximum depth of 10m.

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